• Speech, Life

    Meet My Speech Judges

    Everyone who comes into my room asks the same question, “Who are those people on your wall?” I explain that I like to have pictures… { keep reading }

  • Christianity, Faith

    Why Being a Christian is Easy

    A while ago, my youth pastor explained the following passage: “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” -Matthew 11:30 [And just to… { keep reading }

  • Book Review: When Angels Cry by Mary Lu Tyndall

    Genre: Romantic Suspense You’ll like this if you like: The Left Behind series, Rapture-Related Stories, Reignited Romances, or Assassination Attempts. Cleanliness: The main character, Angel,… { keep reading }

  • historical tradition modern

    Modern Historical Traditions

    If you could make any historical tradition modern, what would it be? Social dancing? The concept of courting? Medieval tournaments? . . .

  • Be a Hypocrite and Inspire Others

    Do you ever feel under qualified to share spiritual insight with others? Or to give people advice, especially concerning topics that you’ve yet to conquer?… { keep reading }

  • Fantasy World

    Fantasy World Names

    If you could come up with the name for a fantasy world, what would it be? Or if you’ve already come up with a name/invented… { keep reading }

  • God, Love, Trials

    God’s Love Language: Trials

    God is very unique in how He expresses His love. For me personally, I’d rarely ever do something that would put me on bad terms… { keep reading }

  • Fantasy Fairytale YA

    Book Review: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

    Genre: Fantasy Fairytale YA You’ll like this if you like: Sympathetic, Multi-Dimensional Villains, Evil Queens, a Heart-Breaking Backstory, or Tragedies. Cleanliness: Catherine, the future Queen… { keep reading }

  • Reading Best Book Cover

    Best Book Cover

    What’s the best book cover you’ve ever seen? What about it do you like? . . .

  • Purpose

    A Why Behind Your What

    “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it,” says Simon Sinek in his TED talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action. A… { keep reading }