The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 129

The Next Day

Aleck clung to her, his arms tight around her waist, his head resting against her. “Do you really have to leave?”

Carissa feathered her fingers through his hair. “Yes, Aleck. And when I come back—” if she came back “—you’ll have to show me how fast you can do the obstacle course.”

He nodded before slowly pulling away from her, as if the movement pained him. “You’re abandoning my with Sir Valen?”

“You have Lila as well.”

She’d thought the name would bring a smile to his face, but instead his expression crumpled. “I woke up, and she was gone, Carissa. She’s probably mad at me.”

Carissa squeezed his shoulder. “Maybe she’ll come back, like you did.”

He shrugged. “Maybe.” Aleck hugged her again. “I’ll miss you. And I’m sorry for sassing you in Zonah.”

Carissa laughed. “I needed a bit of sassing. Without you, I wouldn’t have met Elon, you know.” She glanced at the man in question, where he stood speaking in quiet tones to Sir Valen as they tightened the cinches on the horses. His head was crownless, his hair gleaming in the sunlight. At least they were going together. Even in Esmeray, she suspected it’d only take one heated glance of those brown eyes to warm her.

“You needn’t make googly eyes at him all the time, Carissa.”

Carissa ruffled his hair. “One day, you’re going to marry some pretty girl, and you’ll regret giving me and Elon so much grief.”

He snorted. “I’m never getting married. I’ll just hire a woman to cook and clean for me.”

“What about Lila?”

He shrugged, his hands falling away from Carissa’s waist. “She’d probably be a good maid… but I don’t think she’d agree to.”

“I meant marrying her, silly.”

His expression scrunched in disgust. “That’s gross, Carissa. She’s my friend.” He shook his head. “Marrying my friend? Are you crazy?”

“Wait ten years, and we’ll see how crazy I am.” Carissa winked at him, a habit she was picking up from Elon.

Aleck shook his head. “Enjoy your journey, Carissa.” A hint of worry snuck into his gaze. “And be safe.”

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