The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 166

Carissa latched onto his wrist and pulled him back towards her. “Elon, no.” Already, she’d nearly lost him several times. She wasn’t going to lose him again.

Zorelle resumed her seat, seemingly content to watch them in amusement. “Then you would offer yourself, Carissa?”

Carissa lifted her chin. “If need be.”

“Excellent.” Zorelle clapped twice. “Guards, release the girl, and—”

“No,” Elon said. “Wait. I didn’t say Carissa could go.”

Carissa released his wrist to fold her arms. “And I need your permission.”

He chuckled. “Well, since it seems I need yours, it’s only fair that you should need mine.”

“But I’m not willing to let you go.”

Elon interlaced his fingers with her. “And I’m not willing to let you go.”

“Which means we’re at an impasse.”

Elon tilted his head. “Well, we could just use our incredible Reaper-fighting skills to free Lila and escape the fortress.”

Zorelle cleared her throat. “I can hear you. And I’ve put a curse on her.”

Carissa’s breath caught. “What kind of a curse?”

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