The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 182

This had gone on far enough. She couldn’t allow Elon to just tell them how to kill him. She leveled the rod at the Elder’s chest. “I don’t think so.”

Elon pushed Carissa’s hand down until she lowered the rod. “All is well, Carissa.”

Carissa spun to face him. “All is well? You’re about to give them the power to kill you. All is not well.”

Elon lifted her fisted hand—the one that wasn’t clenching the rod—to his lips and pressed a kiss to her knuckles. “Trust me.”

How was she supposed to deny him that? Carissa uncurled her fingers, dropping the rod to the ground. “I do. But sometimes I fear you don’t value your safety as much as I do.”

Elon grinned. “I think one of us worrying about my safety is more than enough.”

Elder Itura cleared her throat. “As you were saying, Nysian?”

Elon slipped his fingers between Carissa’s before turning to face the Elder. “There are several things I’m vulnerable to. I need to breathe, for one thing.”

The Elder nodded. “Then drowning would be a viable option.”

Carissa stiffened, but Elon continued unfazed, “Perhaps, though I’d need to stay under for much longer than the average man. In addition, I have a weakness towards Nephesh. If I touch it, it burns me, and I suspect piercing me with one would make it rather… difficult for me to recover.”

Elder Itura’s eyes brightened in realization. “Ah. Of course. Any other weaknesses I ought to know about?”

Elon glanced at Carissa. He had yet to tell the woman about his biggest weakness: her. If Elon healed her from a fatal wound, Carissa feared how it would affect him. After all, he briefly felt the effects and pain of her wounds as he healed them.

Elon turned back towards Elder Itura. “Do I have more weaknesses? Yes. Are they ones you should know about? No.”

The Elder shrugged her shoulders. “I think I have enough knowledge to do you sufficient damage should your wife fail to return tonight.”

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