The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 194

Silence blanketed the crowd, and the zealous fervor from moments ago evaporated.

The man strode towards the Elder. “Do you know what havoc that man wreaked when he crossed our borders three years ago?”

Wariness streaked across the Elder’s expression. “Surely you’re mistaken, Jokshan.”

“Am I?” His gaze swept to Elon. “Why don’t I name my accusations, and the King can tell me whether or not I’m mistaken.”

Unease prickled Carissa’s skin, and Elon rose, pulling Carissa up with him. “Name your accusations.”


“Explain yourself.”

“Three years ago, you came to Esmeray to take one of our forts. You crossed our borders and killed our people—all in the name of expanding your own kingdom.”

Would Elon do that? True, he had traveled to Esmeray to expand his kingdom—in a sense—and make the Esmerians his own people, but she could scarcely imagine him using violence to do so.

Elon nodded. “What you’ve said is true, but it’s only a partial truth. Your men were using that fort to raid some of the villages by the border.”

“You even killed those who had surrendered!”

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