The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 63

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The painlessness was intoxicating. Every breath, every step, was euphoria.

Carissa slipped away from Elon to walk a few steps by herself. But walking wasn’t merely enough; she wanted to run. Carissa clutched the sheet to her chest and darted across the room before stopping short of the wall. She glanced back at Elon.

He stood with his hip propped against the bed frame, arm folded, as he watched her with a faint smile and tender gaze.

She darted to the other end of the room, the sheet flapping against her ankles, her wet hair streaking behind her. Her chest stretched with the need for more air, and she savored the warmth left in the wake of her dash. It seemed like an eternity since she’d been able to run and pant.

She veered away from the wall, ran back to Elon, and launched herself into him with a bounding leap. She fell against him and flung her arms around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist.

Her heart rammed against her chest and, pressed against him as she was, she was certain he could feel the vibrations. As his arms tightened around her, she studied the King, now her husband, without reserve.

A golden tan darkened his skin, infusing his features with a subtle glow. His cinnamon-colored eyes seemed to be crinkled in a perpetual smile, even when his lips didn’t move. The sun-kissed tips of his wavy brown hair curled around his ears, grazed his forehead.

She threaded her fingers through his hair before sliding the crown off his head. Though her heart thudded faster, harder, never before had she felt so daring. And then she dusted a kiss against his lips. She wanted to thank him, over and over and over, for what he’d done for her. For how he loved her.

When she rocked back on her heels, Elon didn’t pursue the kiss further. She doused her disappointment and smiled up at him. “You don’t happen to have a extra pair of clothes, do you?” She set her hand against the warm, smooth skin of his chest. “It seems someone has taken mine.”


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