The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 67

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Elon rolled off of her and began coughing into the crook of his elbow.

“Oh!” She sat up and crept over to him. “I’m so sorry, Elon.”

He coughed a few more times before pausing to massage the front of his neck. “You’re quite strong, you know.”

Heat singed her cheeks. “I’m so terribly sorry. Everything was going perfectly, and then—” She gasped. “Wait, you knew that would happen. Why didn’t you draw back earlier?”

“I’m afraid I became distracted. I apologize.”

And you knew that I couldn’t—that we wouldn’t…”



He sighed. “Because you were determined, and if you insist on it being a certain way, then I’ll always honor your choices. But also because, through enduring moments like these, you’ll eventually become accustomed to my touch. Healing is often a painful process.”

“If this is part of the healing process, perhaps we should try again.”


She laid back down. “I’ll be completely still this time. I won’t kick, or hit, or—”

Elon chuckled. “I don’t believe bondings are meant to be still affairs, Carissa, and I don’t want you to come to associate the beginning of our bondings with fear.”

She sighed, her shoulders slumping. This was harder than anticipated. Yes, she’d been close to men before, but never had they cared how she felt about it. “But I have nothing—nothing­—else to give you.”

“You need naught else beyond what you already have.”

“What do I have?”

“Your heart.”

She snorted. “I’m not sure it’s worth having.”

“I disagree. I’ve waited years for you to give yourself to me entire.” He cupped her cheek, his callousing catching against her silky skin. “And I’m willing to wait longer still.”


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    Aww! I loved this:)

  2. JayLove58 says:

    Beautiful Story.

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