The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 68

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For the first time in weeks, there was no pressing urge to awake quickly, either to meet a man in the evening or escape from him in the morning. She let her body melt into the mattress beneath her, luxuriating in its caress.

Something moved against her, warm and solid, swelling and falling beneath her cheek. She opened her eyes, glanced up.

Elon’s face was a mere breath from hers. “Good morn, Carissa.”

What would it be like to properly greet Elon good morn? To wrap him in her arms and brush his lips with hers? But even as she thought it, her body recoiled at the thought, tightening much as it had last night.

Before she could move, Elon withdrew for her. Her heart sagged with disappointment. How was it she could long for something so strongly yet fear it?

Elon propped his elbows on the mattress to sit up. His gaze roamed from her mused hair to her curled toes. “You look lovely.” The husk in his voice brought a blush to her cheeks.

“Truly?” Even as the word left her lips, she hated the sound of it, the eagerness hinting at her desperation.

“Truly.” He flipped the covers back and rolled off the bed before striding to the wardrobe.

She averted her gaze to afford him privacy.

After a few minutes, he said, “I’m finished, Carissa.” Though he didn’t chuckle, there was a hint of laughter in his tone.

She glanced up just as he strapped on a pair of dusty boots. “Where are you going?”

“To pay Akasha a visit.” Elon slid the sheath of a sword onto his belt before cinching the belt around his hips.

She recalled the ominous words he’d told Akar, Her end draws near. “You’re going to kill her?”

“No.” He pulled the belt tight before glancing up. “You are.”

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