3 Secret Techniques for Editing Your Novel

Of all tasks involved with publishing a novel, editing is one of the hardest. I didn’t think so when I began writing, but now I know better…

Your story was new and, well, novel when you first pumped out that terrific story world, concept, character, or plot (depending on what type of writer you are) and built everything up from there. The colors were vivid, the material sleek and smooth, but now it’s like that old sweater you’ve jammed in the back of your closet, the fabric stretched further than any fabric should be able to stretch, the original colors a faint memory. Suddenly, it’s not so much fun to wear anymore. At this point, it’s easy to snatch another new, shiny story idea and play with that. Why keep tinkering with a boring, old story when you don’t have to?

This post is for those brave souls who push past the point of comfort, rainbows, and sunshine to bring the world high-quality literature. Today, we’re going to cover 3 Secret Techniques to bring fun and efficiency to your editing process.


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