Book Review and Giveaway: Arbiter (The Sentinel Trilogy) by Jamie Foley

Genre: YA Fantasy Dystopian


You’ll like this if you like: Lovable Heroes, Completely Unexpected Plot Twists, or Character Secrets Galore.


Favorite Profound Quote:

“Look, I’m sorry I lost Aleah. But you have no idea what I’ve sacrificed for my—”
Your family? The woman you love?” Felix snorted, laid down on the carpet, and crossed his paws. “Even the Lynx love their own. If you want to follow the creator you’re going to have to do better than that.”


Favorite Descriptive Quote:

“Jet swallowed the coppery taste on his tongue and grimaced at a sensation of a knife sliding down his throat.”


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Archangels return to Alani, creating a new generation of Serrans… for a price.

Jet Valinor can’t keep his secrets from Darien any longer. Sorvashti seeks revenge against her husband’s killer—a debt that can only be paid in blood.

The Lynx want their base back. The Serrans will fetch a good price for Zekk Sorrowsong, or make excellent slaves… if he can capture them before they’re betrayed from within.


This story continues seamlessly from the last cliffhanger. I really love how the author writers her cliffhangers—she ends this book in one too. They’re intriguing, but not life-or-death intense, which I like. It provides enough resolution to satisfy, though you still want to read the next book.

It seems the author was holding back in the first book, because in this one, we discover completely new information. While it seems a bit random at times, it makes the plot vastly more interesting and unveils completely different parts of the story and the characters as we continue to uncover their pasts, motivations, and allegiances.

If it’s possible, I loved the characters even more. It’s impossible to spend more time with them without liking them more. And we get to see the start, middle, and completion of a few romantic relationships. I’m always a fan of those 😉
The thickening plot combined with the increasingly lovable characters makes this an enjoyable and exciting YA read. I’ll definitely be waiting around for the next in the series.


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Do you like cliffhangers? In your opinion, do romantic relationships add to the story or detract from it?






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  • Kirsten N
    May 23, 2017 - 12:39 pm · Reply

    I like cliffhangers if I’m able to read the next book right away. And I think romantic relationships can only ever add to a story

  • Conor
    May 27, 2017 - 2:25 pm · Reply

    This book sounds really interesting. YA dystopian (although becoming a tad bit cliche now) is still a favorite genre of mine. Even if I don’t get the book in the give away, I still want to check it out!

    • Elizabeth Newsom
      May 27, 2017 - 8:05 pm · Reply

      Hey, Conor! And I’m the same way. I still like the genre, though I’ve read it plenty of times.

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