Book Review: Baron of Blackwood (The Feud Book 3) by Tamara Leigh

Genre: Medieval Romance

You’ll like this if you like: Heroines that Aren’t Afraid to Draw a Dagger on Someone, a Strong, Protective Hero, Murders and Mysteries.

Cleanliness: There’s no premarital sex or graphic sex of any sort, and this is a Christian author, so I would call this clean. Halfway through the book, the hero and heroine are married. They sleep together a few times, but those scenes are skipped. We get a glimpse of what happens right before and right after from time to time.

Hero type: Alpha/Virtuous Hero

Favorite profound quote:

“Was there any greater sin committed against one’s self than that of lying?”

Favorite descriptive quote:

“Griffin called an end to the supper that had bristled with whispered talk of the second son’s return…”

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England, 1333. When Lady Quintin Boursier leads an army against the Baron of Blackwood to demand the release of her abducted brother, she finds the same fate awaits her. Now she must free herself and discover where Griffin de Arell holds her brother before her family’s lands are forfeited. But as the long winter nights unfold and those prowling the black wood move the feud nearer its deadly end, Quintin realizes she may have wronged her captor. And he is as much a captive to her—she whose secret will spoil the prize others seek to make of a woman no man should want.

Baron Griffin de Arell protects those who belong to him, and now that the tempest who dared put a blade to his throat is his, he intends to protect her—if only from herself. However, Quintin Boursier yet has games to play. Though Griffin resists her wiles, when it appears her family’s lands are forfeited, a glimpse of her woman’s heart tempts him to make the lady his in truth. Now with the enemy responsible for inciting the feud determined to claim her as his prize, Griffin must join his grudging allies in bringing peace to their lands and protecting the woman who first set herself at his walls—then his warrior’s heart.

This IS the third book in the series, and with the plot, it would be difficult, but enjoyable to read as a standalone. The first book in the series is Baron of Godsmere and the second is Baron of Emberly.  The favorite in my series is probably the Baron of Emberly. Reading this final book makes me want to read the entire series again! Tamara Leigh is the best medieval romance author I’ve ever read. From the start of each book, Tamara Leigh usually has a Enemy Turned Lover situation set up, so the romantic conflict isn’t dependent on artificial misunderstandings between the hero and heroine. This book begins with Quintin demanding entrance into Griffin’s barony. Soon afterwards, once she’s inside, she draws a knife on him, which gives Griffin an excuse to hold her hostage. Even though she’s feisty and sharp-tongued towards Griffin, believing him to be the brute his father was, they have a few tender moments where Griffin proves her wrong. Some of the previous plot is covered in this book, but I recommend starting at the beginning on the series.

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Can you commit a greater sin against yourself than lying? What do you think? Who’s the best medieval romance or medieval author that you’ve read?

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