Book Review: A Time to Die and A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes

Genre and Audience: YA Dystopian Novel for Teens

You’ll like this if you like: an Original and Unique Story world, Adventure, a Thread of (Very Sweet) Romance, a Relatable Heroine, Beautiful Writing and Metaphors, and an Awesome Theme.

Hero Type: Hmm, in book 2, he seems like a Beta Male


In a dystopian world, where everyone in the USE (United States of the East) is required to have a clock from birth that accurately counts down to their death date, Parvin has a year and a half to live. She decides to spend the last of her days trying to rescue Radicals (people who either lose or destroy their own clocks) from the government. The government finds out about her illegal activities and casts her through the Wall, essentially a death sentence. Those who are cast over the Wall never return. She discovers things that may impact the world and save Radicals. But her time is running out.


Both of these are phenomenal. Her writing is vivid and absolutely beautiful. And it has a romance thread! Parvin is very relatable, yet you have to admire her for her courage and selflessness (especially in the second book). I love both Jude and Hawke (which is an incredibly cool last name). Hawke is so noble and heroic. Anyways, I really love him. The story world is also amazing. The setting is dystopian, though she goes to other places, and each place is incredibly unique, different, and beautiful in its own way. I cried at the ends of both books. There will be people that die (she doesn’t seem to have an aversion to characters dying 😉 ), so if you’re a bit emotionally tender (such as myself) you might want to consider this before reading, because you will absolutely get attached to the characters. The theme of the book is amazing, empowering, and very impactful. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone who loves great literature and has emotional stamina 😉 Despite the emotional parts for me, I really, really did love it. I’ve heard that book three (A Time to Rise) of the Out of Time series is being worked on, and I can’t wait to check it out.


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So what did you think of this book review? Are there any YA Dystopian Novels that you’ve been reading? And if you knew you only had one more year to live, how would you spend it?

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