Book Review: Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch

Genre: YA Dystopian Romance

You’ll like this if you like: Unique Story Ideas, A Book You Can’t Put Down, Independent, Determined, yet Realistic Heroines, or a Glitzy World with Darker Secrets.

Cleanliness: I don’t recall anything questionable except for where Ella and the congressman’s son, Penn, decide to swim together in their undergarments. The congressman also has issues, as you’ll find out if you read it.

Hero Type: Bad Boy


It’s modern day America, but with a twist. It’s legal to genetically engineer people and then train them to be pets for the rich and famous. The main character, Ella, is sold to a creepy congressman to be his daughter’s pet, and she begins to fall in love with his son. Eventually, she’s faced with the choice to runaway and gain her freedom or stay, which—in the end—could prove to be the more dangerous of the two choices.


As you can imagine, the cover is what drew me to this book. I LOVE it! And the book doesn’t disappoint. This is a series, but I haven’t gotten the opportunity to read the second book yet, though I know this book is stellar. The glamor, glitz, and darkness of Ella’s world constantly kept me on my toes, and the creepy congressman also ramped up the tension. Overall, I really, really loved this book, and I intend to get the second one soon 🙂


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How important are book covers? Do they matter when you’re buying the book? And what do you think of the story concept in this YA dystopian romance? Is story concept alone enough to attract you to a book?

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  • WeknowEachother
    April 20, 2016 - 2:37 am · Reply

    Interesting! Since I’m out of school, I’ll definitely keep this book in for occupation. Great analysis as always, hope you get to finish the series and enjoy it when reading. The cover is very intriguing!
    hmmm… we’ve all heard the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”
    which is very true, there should be no bias just because of the cover.
    But the cover of the book is what hooks a passing person’s eyes. When i search for a book, i roam around the library till i see a pretty font, a funny image,or anything that isn’t scary. The cover is important because it will give the first impression on the reader, intresting cover= intresting story.
    The concept of this book, does catch my eyes. I love twists and conflict or tragedy, according to this review (with my mom’s permission) i would totally read it.
    Thanks for the Book Review.

    • Elizabeth Newsom
      April 22, 2016 - 3:30 pm · Reply

      So glad my review could help you! A pretty cover is what I look for too. If I know the cover is beautiful, it changes my perspective of the book as I’m reading. 🙂 Thank you for the comment!

  • Hannah
    April 25, 2016 - 1:47 pm · Reply

    I know I also am attracted to book covers. I try not to judge too quickly, but if a cover catches my attention, I am much more likely to pick it up. It doesn’t have to be cool or pretty or anything, though, it just has to convey some interesting bit from the story.

    • Elizabeth Newsom
      May 7, 2016 - 12:28 pm · Reply

      I know what you mean. I love a great cover, especially when it hints at something within the story.

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