Book Review: Scarlet (Book 2 in the Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer

Genre and Audience: Dystopian Romance for Teens

You’ll like this if you like: Multi-Dimensional Characters, Super Sweet and Protective Heroes, Feisty Red-Headed Heroines, Mystery, Adventure, Plot Twists, Incredibly Sweet Romance, Intricate Plots, and Saving Grandmas.

Cleanliness: They sleep together on a train, but nothing really happens. They also kiss a time or two. Altogether, the romance is clean and very sweet 🙂

Hero Type: Beta Male/Protector


The book begins with Little Red Riding Hood–*cough* I mean Scarlet–getting a notification that says the case is closed. Her Grandmother has been missing, and no one can find her. So Scarlet decides to find Grandma herself. She meets a street fighter, named Wolf. He has bright green eyes and is unexpectedly shy and energetic (he is such a fun character). He agrees to help Scarlet find her Grandmother, and so the adventure begins.


The tension is already ratcheted a bit higher by the fact that a guy named Wolf is helping her, but this story has some delightfully unexpected twists and turns. As you can see by Wolf, the characters are incredibly unique and multi-dimensional. The romance is so incredibly sweet. I just loved seeing Scarlet and Wolf interact–Wolf is so protective of her! We also get to take peeks at Cinder as she continues her journey. Piecing the stories together and figuring everything out is so much fun. And did I mention the romance? 😉


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If you’ve read this book, how do you like it compared to the rest of the series? Which is your favorite character of the series so far? Do you prefer dystopian novels with or without romance?

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