Book Review: The Professional Bride by Lucy McConnell

Genre: Contemporary Romance

You’ll like this if you like: Interesting Story Concepts, Cute Romances, or Skiing.

Cleanliness: Naturally, they kiss. Because of the circumstances they’re under, Rym and Amber do sleep in the same house, but different bedrooms. I’ll explain those certain circumstances below.

Hero Type: Brooding


For Amber, being a wife is a career. She’s an employee for the Billionaire Marriage Brokers, a matchmaking service for the wealthy. The wives from the Billionaire Marriage Brokers are usually life coaches educated in business and economics. The perfect match for any billionaire. But the marriages are temporary and anything but romantic… until her latest “assignment” comes along, with dark blond hair and electrifying blue eyes. Rym’s grandfather recently passed, leaving an entire ski resort to him, but there’s a catch. To inherit the ski resort, Rym must accept a bride from the Billionaire Marriage Brokers.


I really enjoyed this story. The concept of paying for a bride to help your business was… a bit odd, but it worked really well. Amber was pretty and feminine, but certainly not a damsel in distress. Rym was extremely independent, so quite a few sparks flew. I loved how they were in a working relationship before they were really, really attracted to each other. Passion aside, they really were the perfect match for each other and each had strengths that the other lacked. I felt like the plot was a bit simplistic and could have been spiced up a bit, especially the climax, but altogether it made for fun, sweet read, and it’s on Kindle Unlimited! And though this is the third in a series, it reads as a stand alone.


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What kind of romance do you enjoy best? Contemporary romance? Historical? Speculative? What’s something you loved about this review? What’s something I could improve on?

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