Book Review: The Reclusive Billionaire by Lucy McConnell


Genre: Contemporary Romance

You’ll like this if you like: Sweet, Passionate Romances, Honorable Heroes, Beards (the hero has one, but it’s not a bushy beard, so it’s acceptable in my book 😉 ), and hunts for a cure to a world-threatening disease.

Hero Type: Brooding


Lucas, a billionaire microbiologist, goes into hiding after being suspected of using experimental drugs on his sister to cure her of the butterfly flu. The butterfly flu—named because of the red and purple rash that begins on the nose and wings outwards—continues to claim victim after victim, spreading across continents. Lucas is one of the only ones who has a chance of finding the cure. While he’s in hiding, he meets Becca, a sweet veterinarian. As he slogs through grief and despair, she gives him the sunshine to find his way again—and possibly to find the cure as well.


Both characters are very likable. Though Lucas is grumpy at times, he has a soft heart beneath his tough exterior. Becca is patient, compassionate, and very feisty. She has an enormous passion for saving stray animals. Their romance kicks off nicely—with both friction and attraction. The fact that Lucas is in hiding also ramps up the tension. Typically, contemporary romances bore me, but I really enjoyed this one. This sounds terrible, but the excitement from the world-threatening disease made the story much more interesting. That said, it still doesn’t top my other favorite romances, though this was a very enjoyable read. I read long sections in one sitting and always looked forward to getting back to the book.


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What elements in a story instantly ramp up tension and excitement (example: world-threatening diseases, assassins, a literal ticking time bomb, etc.)? In what ways do you think contemporary romances are better/worse than other subgenres of romance?

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