Fantasy World Names

If you could come up with the name for a fantasy world, what would it be? Or if you’ve already come up with a name/invented a world, what is it?

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  • Brenna
    April 18, 2017 - 2:22 pm · Reply

    This is a really fun question. 🙂 The world in my novel includes the desert country of Vantarrh (inspired by various middle eastern countries), the fertile southern country of Epiro (loosely based on medieval Japan) and the far northern volcanic isle of Jnorri (inspired by Scandinavian culture with a hint of Alaskan, though I’m still working on the worldbuilding.) Other names I like for fantasy worlds, but have yet to use in an actual project, are Gallirael, Ilvallyn, and Skaro. Anyway, yes, I love coming up with fantasy names!

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