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I love books, but you’ve probably already figured that out. I read consistently and quickly. As a result, you can expect a plethora of book reviews on this site. I’m aiming to post a book review every Monday. I’m going to try and make my reviews as helpful as possible. Below, I’ll have one of my book reviews in italics as an example, and I’ll explain how to use them to the best of your advantage. If there’s something I’ve missed, please contact me.


The Rose Legacy and Sweet Boundless (Diamond of the Rockies 1 Books 1 and 2) by Kristen Heitzmann

The first part is fairly straightforward. I have the title, author’s name, and a picture will be included.


TAGS: Historical, Romance, Christian, Christian Romance, Fiction, Alpha, Brooding Hero

I have a few tags to help you find the types of book you want. The tags will be underneath the title. In the tags, I’ll include the genre (dystopian, contemporary, YA, romance, etc.) and some other categories that could help (fairy tales, Jane Austen, etc.). You’re going to find a ton of romances on here, so I’m also going to include the type of hero in the tags and in a category of its own, which you’ll see underneath the Cleanliness section. For hero classification, there’s: bad boy, brooding hero, virtuous hero, alpha, beta male, and protector.

You probably know right off the bat what bad boy is, but maybe not some of the others. If you’d like to know specifically what each term means, you can visit the Seekerville blog, which has a great article on swoon-worthy heroes.
These tags will save you a lot of time, and you’ll be able to find recommended books based on the genres and types of heroes you like.

Note: There will be a few cases where I can’t decide on the type of hero, so I might include more than one hero classification.


Genre: Historical Romance

I list genre here and sometimes the targeted audience.


You’ll like this if you like: Saucy Heroines, Bossy, Brooding, Mysterious Heroes, Stories that Sweep You Along, Stories Where You Feel Everything Right Alongside the Main Character, Romance—Complete with High Tension and Longing, or Historical.

This is a fun little section where I list the highlights of the book.


Cleanliness: The romantic tension is high in some scenes (alright, a lot of scenes), and the kisses are brief, not too descriptive, but the repercussions of their kisses usually make it heart-wrenching. (Spoiler!) Carina and Quillan are married in the end of the first book, so it includes the aftermath of their wedding night, but doesn’t cover any actual scenes. In short, it’s completely clean.

If I put a review on here, it means that I recommend you read it, which means you can count on it being clean. If anything is even slightly questionable, I’ll include it in the category above, but you won’t find any erotica here.


Hero Type: Brooding

And here’s the hero category I was talking about.


The fair Italian lady Carina DiGratia has run away from her home in California to a little mining city named Crystal. It’s not what she expected. First of all, her wagon breaks down on the road, and then a man pushes all of her belongings off the road, letting them tumble down a steep incline. And in Crystal, she finds out there’s no employment for women besides the brothels, and the deed she got for a house is a fake. Talk about a rocky start (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist 😉 ).

I’ll have my own summary above. If you’d like to have the one on Amazon, I have a link at the bottom.


Alright, I won’t spoil the rest. And the first book is free on kindle anyways. The series is addictive, and the story has a tendency to sweep you along page after page, which means you’ll probably buy the second book. And the third. I love, love, love the series! In the second book, the hero and the heroine spent a sizable amount of time away from each other. I was worried about this at first, but the author does it incredibly well, and every page has romantic tension. Either the hero and heroine are clashing or they’re thinking about each other. The words of the page turn into very real emotions—especially the longing (mostly in the second book). It feels like this twisting ache inside my chest. Every second I’m away from the story, I can feel myself straining to get back to it.

My personal review and thoughts of the story will be right here. My reviews will usually be pretty short.


Purchase The Rose Legacy (Free on Kindle!)


Purchase Sweet Boundless

Here, I’ll have a link to purchase it on Kindle, since Kindle is cheaper and quicker than the paperback version. If you’d like to order the paperback instead, you can click the link and then select paperback.


That’s about it! It’s all pretty straightforward. If you have read or want to read one of the books I’ve mentioned in my book reviews, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Or if you have any other suggestions for book reviews, I’d like to hear those too. Enjoy your reading 😉



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