The King’s Cursed Bride: Chapter 198 II

She was so exhausted she was ready to fall onto the ground and cry. She had been walking all day, and she hadn’t seen a single sign of Elon. Didn’t he want her to find him? He had claimed he’d always love her. But maybe she had blown it. She’d told him to leave, after all. This was her fault.

She should have gone back to the camp and tracked Elon’s steps from there, not wandered off into a random direction in the forest. Now night was approaching once more, and not only did she not know where she was, but she hadn’t any supplies.

She would have kicked something had she the strength. And to think she had thought she was powerful enough to avenge the people of the caravan.

Though the darkness gradually obscured more of the forest, making her eyes strain to see amidst the shadows, she kept walking. If she stopped tonight, she wasn’t sure she’d survive it. After all, there could be yare wolves lurking about. Or Reapers.

Her gaze dropped to her feet as she focused on placing one foot in front of the other. Left. Right. She gritted her teeth, drew a sharp breath through her teeth, ignored the pain.





On the fifth step, she caught sight of a footprint, just before she stepped into it. She froze as her gaze followed the trail of footprints ahead of her. Someone had been here before. Now the question was who?

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