The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek 5

He pressed her close to him, his arms strong and sure around her waist. “I’m always in your life, Carissa. You couldn’t get rid of me now if you wanted to.”

She rested her head against his chest, felt the steady thump of his heart beneath her ear. “Then why…”

“Why what?”

“Why don’t you answer when I call for you? Are you ignoring me? Have I done something wrong?”

She could already feel Elon shaking his head before she’d finished. “No, Carissa. And I always answer—eventually. But sometimes my answer is so quiet that you don’t hear it at first. Other times, an answer would change your future for the worse. Occassionally, I’m silent so you’ll learn to seek me more.” He tucked his hand beneath her chin and lifted her face to his. “And, of course, to trust me.”

Carissa set her forehead atop his. “Trust. I swear that’s your favorite word.”

“Do you know that I have a purpose for you, Carissa?”


“Do you know that I love you?”


“So when I’m silent, you can either trust in my character or doubt what you know.”

Carissa flinched. “Well. When you put it like that…”

He grinned—a full grin that made his eyes narrow and scrunch at the corners. She hadn’t realized how much she’d missed seeing him smile until her heart lurched. “I’m not trying to scold you, love. But when I see you doubting me, I know it hurts you. And that hurts me.” He fingers skimmed her shoulder, and she found herself wishing he’d replace his fingers with his lips. “I want to prepare you for what’s to come.”

“What’s to come?” Her heart grew heavy, each pound against her chest feeling like the beating of a drum. “What’s going to happen, Elon?”

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