The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek 7

Carissa paced the cramped length of the cell. She was a fool, and it was her foolishness that had led to her imprisonment and Mera’s death. But Elon had sent her back, which meant that it wasn’t too late to set things right.

The Reapers came for her, one dragging Mera’s body away and two seizing her. They held a Nephesh against her back. It burned like a hot coal, until she could smell the scent of seared flesh. It was almost enough to make her vomit, but she held herself upright, stumbling as she tried to resist the pain.

She didn’t bother trying to ask the Reapers where they were going; she already knew.

They were going to the Reaper King.

The room they entered was small, the floors, walls, and ceiling made of stone. The flame of a single purple torch fluttered in the corner, casting the room in light and shadow. They led Carissa to a table. It was partially tilted, halfway between laying horizontally and standing vertically. When she saw the leathers straps spilling from the sides, she knew what the table was intended for.

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