The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 188 IV

Tervalyn lifted a bow, drew back an arrow.

“Carissa, get down.” Elon tackled her just as an arrow flew overhead.

She was breathing so hard that her lungs throbbed with air—in and out, in and out, in and out.

Elon dragged her to her feet, and they sprinted toward the entrance of the passage. More Reapers appeared on the edge of the black cliffs. Many more. An army.

They all drew back their bows, their movement in perfect sync. And then the air was filled with thuds and the whistling of splitting air.

Elon ran before her, taking most of the blows, occasionally catching an arrow mid-air and tossing it the ground. Something thudded into her shoulder. It felt like someone had merely tossed a rock at her before the piercing pain hit.

Carissa stumbled but managed to keep upright. The hit wasn’t fatal. She would live.

Elon didn’t slow as they entered the passage. Something flew through the air, then clattered against rock. An arrow landed harmlessly before her, and she trampled it as she strained to keep up with Elon.

She was trying to keep her arms immobile as she ran, but doing so proved awkward and painful. She clung to the elbow of her injured arm, trying to keep it tight against her torso, but her hand and forearm still flopped about, occasionally whacking the stone walls.

Each step jolted her injury, and she gritted her teeth as tears welled in her eyes. Elon was going too fast. It felt like a tight band was clamping on her chest, her lungs burning as they tried to draw in more breath.

Elon glanced behind him. “Carissa!” He tugged her forward just as an arrow hit where she’d been.

The sharp motion made pain explode in her arm, and her steps fumbled once more.

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