The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 198

Carissa blinked her eyes, wondering why her nose was clogged and her head pounded. Had she been crying?

And then memories of last night lapped at the edges of her mind. She shoved them back, promising herself she’d deal with them later. As Elon’s wife, the caravan members would look to her for guidance while she was away. She had to be prepared.

Carissa stood, felt velvet caress her skin. She glanced down at the lingerie, and bile singed the back of her throat. She tore it off as quickly as she could, not caring that a seam or two had popped as she did so.

She yanked on trousers and a shirt before emerging from the tent. As soon as she left its confines, she felt like she could breathe again. And then her gaze landed on a man, who was striding toward her.


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