The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 200 IV

Ryther grinned as she led him back to the Healer’s house. “So, you were worried for me, then.”

“No. I just told Mera that I would see if you’d made it back.” Carissa twisted her wedding ring around her finger. Though it hadn’t been responsive in days, it was still comforting to feel its presence.

Her trip had sadly yielded up only Ryther. She would have much rather found Brone. She had a few ideas about what she would do to him. Her most creative involved fire pokers and cheese graters.

Carissa shook her head. Why had Elon allowed Brone to live when he had known what Brone’s actions would lead to?

“Are you all right? You’ve become awfully quiet.” Ryther edged closer to her.

“I’m perfectly fine.” She hoped her prickly tone would be enough to warn him away.

“You don’t sound like it.”

She glanced up at him sharply. “I don’t want to talk—”

“Who said anything about talking?” Ryther smiled, his steps slowing. “There’s a pub just around the corner.”

Did he expect her to dine with him? What if he laced her food with something that made her pass out? And then he captured her?

Ryther clucked. “So distrustful. You can return to Mera and Tian, then. I for one would like to eat.” His steps veered off to an alleyway on the left.

Carissa’s stomach clenched, as if the mention of food had reminded her of her own hunger. Her gaze trailed Ryther as he slipped around the corner. Perhaps she should go with him. Not only did she need to eat, but she should find out who he was. And what he had done to those Yare wolves.

She followed Ryther through the alley, jogging the last few steps toward him. “Wait!”

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