Writing Prompt: Brain Chip

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Writing Prompt: In the future, everyone has a brain chip, so an artificially intelligent robot with their personality and knowledge can be made after the person dies. But these chips also have a more sinister use.

What do you think the brain chips could be used for and why?

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  • Brenna
    August 23, 2016 - 3:52 pm · Reply

    Every time someone is put under for surgery, the hospital scans the chip while they’re unconscious, copying their memories, their feelings, and their darkest secrets.

    Tabitha was uneasy about the deal she had made with that shady doctor, but he assured her that it was the key to improving her lackluster screenplays, that if she could know *everything* about the people who would view her films, they would be guaranteed to leave the theater weeping, having seen their own internal drama played out on the screen, and rave about the film to everyone they knew.

    She plugged the tiny drive (how could it hold a whole brain-full of information?) in and prepared to be immersed as the patient’s life played out inside her VR room. As she donned the headset and full-body suit, she considered what the doctor had told her about the patient. It sounded like some of his emotions could help form the antagonist’s personality.

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