Writing Prompt: Proposing Twice

What’s the story behind this prompt?

“Real men propose twice.”


Do you guys have any suggestions for writing prompts?

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  • I'm pretty sure this wasn't the intention for this prompt
    February 15, 2017 - 8:42 pm · Reply

    It was 4 am in the morning, my silky warm bed covers protected me from the storming blackness outside my window. Life hasn’t been a high school musical, campus life is mind boggling, and lessons like “playing with matches a girl can get burnt.” were sadly true. But nothing would have prepared for this night, *knock* *knock* “hello???…” I replied
    “Ellie, someone is here for you” surprisingly responded my dad.
    I changed pjs into my wrinkled set of clothes quickly as possible, (who can it be? Is it an emergency?) and opened the blinding door. Passing the hall to Livingston I passed my dad, he was not happy… but elated.
    But as I passed the hall I couldn’t believe it… a dark figure, soaked head to toe in a concealed raincoat, kneeling on his knees with a tiny luminescent dimond ring in hands. I couldn’t believe it!
    I glanced at my dad, he whispered in my ears ” you have my permission he already proposed to me”
    I immediately snatched the ring and in total content observed it as it glitters on my finger, finally speaking I absolute elation “I do!!!!”
    We embraced, the mysterious figure and me. We exited the house, and drove into the morning”
    “James! I’ve been waiting for this day for 7 years! but why at 4 am”
    He sat there silent , for I don’t remember how long, then he removed his rain coat. His eyes pierced into me, his smile was a trance, I felt my life was at its end.
    It was not my knight in shinning armor but my 3rd ex, out of the 15 that I’ve had!!! He was the worst, and now I accepted to marry him! But before I could escape, he pushed me off the vehicle and off a VERY steep cliff as well!

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