Writing Prompt: The Gift

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Writing Prompt: For a long time, she only used the Gift when she thought no one was watching.

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  • Someone
    February 27, 2016 - 4:05 pm · Reply

    For, she had a gift like no one else had.
    The Gift though magnificent as thought, is quite practical and an advantage on her part.
    But, it was not out good circumstances that the SWAT followed her around.

  • no one
    February 27, 2016 - 4:57 pm · Reply

    Peryglus Pistolas is her name, from the outside she seemed pretty normal. Flowing, Voluminous brown hair with hazy emerald eyes; that can pierce through you if you tell her lies.
    She headed to the town “HEY YOU”, to check out the latest book.
    But every step she took ,the ground shook, of fear of her terrible dues.
    The suspecting Townsfolk screamed in terror, but Peryglus Pistolas showed no recognition. The clouds scattered the skies ready to drop rain to the doomed plants of ground below, then a smart townsfolk called upon the SWAT.
    Peryglus Pistolas stopped in her tracks down the deserted street, and grab a little girl’s doll. But to her dismay it burned into ashes when she held the trinket of sheer innocence. “What have i done to deserve this” she screamed in anguish,then collapsed on the ground.
    The SWAT arrived guns and all, and saw the pitiful creature crying, petrified and unaware. The rookie of the group named “Senseless Sam” hovered over her and asked of what assistance can they provide.She made a sharp glance at him with her glazed eyes than yelled “Nothing, they want me gone”. Her unstableness, pulsed the earth and showers of rain poured down as so did her tears. Earthquakes and hail covered the town, which represented the turmoil inside. Sam shocked of what he discovered, ran back to his group, sad that he has to rid such a beautiful creature from the face of the earth. The SWAT dodging the elements, surrounded her with guns positioned ready for the final signal.
    But Peryglus Pistolas sensed the doom that will befall upon her and surrendered with her head held low. The SWAT shot the fires, but!!! with her mind made the bullets return to the owners, killing all of the 20 except 3. A Retreat was commenced for the SWAT and the Pistolas, but one of the SWAT members was not going down without a fight! He raised his gun, pointing to her head, and shot a bullet. But sam pushed the gun of his hand.
    “What are you doing Sam!” he exclaimed.
    “Don’t do it James, it’s not her fault” Sam said
    “Not Her! Sam i’ll shoot you right now if you don’t let me…”
    Sam interrupted” Don’t you see! SHe has no control over her actions! She has unmentionable powers! When I looked in her eyes i saw something more than a monster but a monster with terror and sadness over her soul. What more she does not now what she does, for she is BLIND”

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