The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek 3

Mera’s huffing through the narrow passage, loud enough that Carissa feared those outside the passage might hear them.

Carissa stopped crawling, glad she could give her knees a break. The rough stone floor of the passage had torn through her trousers long ago, bloodying her knees. But they couldn’t keep stopping. “Do you need another break, Mera?”

“No. Fine.”

“I’m not sure you are fine.”

“Keep… going.”

Carissa crept forward, muttering under her breath, “I wish she hadn’t come.”

“Heard… that. I’m… trying.”

“I know. But the healer-woman was right: you are pregnant.”

“Can’t even… see.”

“I should have made you remain behind. The strain on your body can’t be good for you.”

“Must avenge… father.”

Ryther chuckled. “You know, when Tian was my only companion, there was much less conversation.”

Carissa slowed at an intersection. “Why way?”

“To your left.”

She veered around to the left. What could the other passageways lead to? What would the Reaper King want to have access to through these tunnels?

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