Writing Life
November 2, 2016

“Sitting is the new smoking,” they say. In case you haven’t noticed, writing is a rather sedentary job, as is being a student. So with the assistance of a piece of plywood, I turned my treadmill into a walking desk–though it’s me doing the walking… not the desk. What do you guys do to incorporate…

God Music
October 12, 2016

I turn 18 just in time to vote this year. Yay. I’m tempted to call this a curse, but I know God doesn’t do things by accident, so I’m going to call it a blessing. I’m dreading the upcoming election. I’m not going to use this post for a political rant, but I feel my upcoming…

chronic scheduling problem talent
October 5, 2016

“You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” I thought I’d defied this maxim, especially where time was concerned. I budgeted my entire day into simple categories to keep myself as productive as possible, but really I was living like my life as a means to an end, rather than what it really is….

September 28, 2016

If you want to write great books, you first have to read great books. The books I’ve read from my childhood have contributed to my writing style and reading tastes. Since what you read is a key component of what and how you write, today I’m going to show you the series I began reading. Roughly, they’re…

Writer's Block
September 21, 2016

  Well, guys, I’m stumped. Earlier this week, I was waiting for the inspiration for this post to strike me, but it never really did. I’ve been blogging for months, but have always managed to scrape something together. Sorry for the lack of creativity! I was wondering if any of you had experienced a block…

World War II Poetry Sunshine Sunflower Sad
September 14, 2016

The setting is World War II. He called her his Sunflower. He was her Sunshine.   Sunflower, Sunflower, Dancing on the Wind Sunflower, Sunflower, Dance with me again? You were my little flower The one I treasured most Even separated by the sea I knew that we were close Amidst blood and gunfire, I had…

Life Writing Distractions Quirks
September 7, 2016

Today, I’m going to start trying a new type of blog post to attract my target audience. I just wanted to give you a heads up 😉   A few months back, my parents wanted to buy me an ergonomic desk chair. My criteria? It couldn’t have rollers on the bottom. My family says my…