Book Review Medieval Romance
October 24, 2016

Genre: Medieval Romance   You’ll like this if you like: Foreign Worlds, Feisty, Red-Headed Heroines, and an Intense Alpha Hero.   Cleanliness: The story begins in Algeria, so the Alessandra’s “Father” (more accurately: her mother’s husband), has multiple wives and concubines, though her mother is his favorite. Since it’s a harem, there’s a bathing house where…

Writing, Romance
October 19, 2016

  Have you ever wanted to write a typical, not-so-extraordinary romance novel? It’s simple, really. All you have to do is create the primary characters, the heroine and the hero. Next step: add the secondary characters into the mix for fun, drama, and intrigue. Lastly, add some interesting scenes. For romance scenes, leave them to…

YA Medieval
October 3, 2016

Genre: YA Medieval You’ll like this if you like: Robin Hood, Tough Heroines, or a Knight in Shining Armor. Cleanliness: The heroine is kissed several times by the hero. At one point, they sleep together on a bench, but nothing happens. The villain of the story summons a Warlock to help him. Hero type: Alpha/Virtuous Hero…

YA Fantasy Rome Romance
September 19, 2016

Genre: YA Fantasy   You’ll like this if you like: Rome, Supernatural Elements, Plot Twists, and Compassionate Warrior-Type Heroes.   Cleanliness: At one point, Laia has premarital sex. It’s completely skipped over. There’s a lot of supernatural involvement, with one type of creature sometimes referred to as “demons.”   Hero Type: Virtuous Hero   Favorite Profound…

Writing Prompt: Lame Pick Up Lines
September 2, 2016

This writing prompt is a bit different. What is the lamest pick-up line that you’ve ever heard/made up? AND how can you use that in a story?   Here are a few made by me, my brother, and my little sister (in that order): Will you be the chick in my chicken nugget? Are you my…

Poll- Favorite Types of Romance
August 26, 2016

What are your favorite types of romances? Do you like Friend Turned Lover, Enemy Turned Lover, or “Love” at First Sight? What are your favorite romantic plot devices? Damsel in Distress, Heroine Captured by Hero, Trapped in Marriage, Forbidden Love, or the Love Triangle?   What are your favorite types of romance in novels?

Romantic Plot Devices in Novels
August 17, 2016

Last week, we talked about the types of romance in novels: Friend Turned Lover, Enemy Turned Lover, and “Love at First Sight”. Today, we’re getting more specific and studying romantic plot devices: Damsel in Distress, Heroine Captured by Hero, Love Triangle, Trapped in Marriage, and Forbidden Love.   Damsel in Distress The heroine is stuck in some…

Poll: What's Your Love Language?
August 12, 2016

If you’re not sure about which is your love language, take this quiz before participating in the poll. My results were accurate, though I realize it may not be the same for everyone. What’s Your Love Language?

Types of Romance in Novels
August 10, 2016

We all know that there are a variety of subgenres in romance—historical romance, romantic fantasy, contemporary romance, romantic suspense—but today, I’d like to explore the types of romances and—eventually—romantic plot devices used in novels. We’re going to start with types of romances, since it’s the broader of the two categories.   Friend Turned Lover For…

Historical Romance by Kristen Heitzmann
August 8, 2016

Genre: Historical Romance You’ll like this if you like: Romance, Historical, Big Italian Families, Adventure, Mysterious, Brooding, Bossy Heroes, Saucy Heroines, Multi-Dimensional Characters. Cleanliness: Carina and Quillan are married, but the book doesn’t cover any scenes between them. Of course, sometimes the after-math is included, but the book is completely clean. 🙂 Hero Type: Brooding…