• success, failure, goals

    5 Ways to Define Success

    A few weeks ago, we discussed how the road to success difficult, but rewarding. Let’s backtrack a little. What is success? Everyone wants it. Few… { keep reading }

  • Cyborg Leg Dystopian Romance for Teens

    Book Review: Cinder (Book 1 in the Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer

    Genre: Dystopian Romance for Teens You’ll like this if you like: YA Novels,  Tension, Sub-plots, Depth, Subtext, Incredible World-Building, Intrigue, Three Dimensional Characters (from Cinder… { keep reading }

  • Picture of a pen on a book

    Poll: Are You a Reader or a Writer?

    In today’s poll, we’ll find out how many here are either readers or writers (which kind of includes reading and writing). If you have ideas… { keep reading }

  • Old writing toolbox

    A Writer’s Toolbox

      Writing resources are everywhere, but even so, sometimes it can take a few years to find them—whether they’re websites, podcasts, or books, which is… { keep reading }

  • The lost keys to humility

    Book Review: Humilitas by John Dickson

    Genre: Self-Help Non-Fiction You’ll like this is you like: Healthy Relationships, High Self-Esteem, Humility, Improving Yourself, Improving Your Quality of Life, or Growth.   This… { keep reading }

  • Writing Prompt: The Protector

    Before participating, please read the writing prompt rules 🙂   Writing Prompt: Allow me to be her Protector . . .

  • Opening Lines for Writers

    Writing Fantastic First Lines

    Have you ever been hooked by the very first line in a book? Have you ever marveled at the opening lines best-selling authors write? Today,… { keep reading }

  • Contemporary Romance for Adults

    Book Review: Told You So (Told You Series Book 1) by Kristen Heitzmann

    Genre and Audience: Contemporary Romance for Adults You’ll like this if you like: Romantic Tension, Action, Contemporary Novels, Multi-Dimensional Characters, Brooding, Protective Heroes, Feisty, Compassionate… { keep reading }

  • blue gray eyes

    Poll: What Color of Eyes does Your Dream Guy Have?

    Today’s poll is about your dream guy–what color of eyes does he have? And if you’re a guy, you can select the color of eyes your dream… { keep reading }

  • Green turtle with grass in background

    Turtling Yourself to Success (Part 2 of 2)

    Last week, we discussed some numbers–10,000 hours until mastery and 27,000 days to live (Read Turtling Yourself to Success 1/2). So, how can you make the… { keep reading }

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