Book Review: Lady Ever After: A Medieval Time Travel Romance by Tamara Leigh

Genre: Medieval Time Travel Romance

You’ll like this if you like: Time Travel, Enemy Turned Lover Stories, or Second-Chance Stories.

Cleanliness: After the hero and heroine are married (Oh, yeah. Predictable Spoiler Alert!) they make love several times, but the scenes are breezed over. It might be uncomfortable for some readers.

Hero Type: Semi-Virtuous Hero

At first, he nearly seduces the heroine (hence the “semi-virtuous”), but after that he proves to be and becomes more honorable. Even when Catherine tries to hate him and nearly betrays him, he remains loyal and protects her from harm. He never kills a man, preferring to knock them out.

Favorite Humorous Quote:

“For a man not yet born, he was truly remarkable.”

Remember that this is a time travel story we’re talking about 😉

Favorite Descriptive Quote:

“Some returned her gaze, bewilderment plowing their brows as they surely pondered the same as she—why had the day’s siege not begun?”


From Amazon

THE WARS OF THE ROSES ~ England, 1464. As civil war rages, King Edward IV besieges the northern barons who support the dethroned King Henry VI. Among the last strongholds to fall is Strivling Castle, whose lady gives her life defending her home against the usurpers.

A LADY OF LEGEND ~ As foretold by her dreams, Lady Catherine Algernon is determined to defend Strivling Castle to the death. But when a besieger saves her life just as her nightmare unfolds, a future is forced on her she never dreamed possible—with a man who believes she is someone else. Who is this enemy who defied fate by averting the mortal blow? And how is she to keep him from laying siege to a heart more guarded than her home?

A MAN OUT OF TIME ~ Successful businessman Collier Morrow has everything he could possibly want, including a priceless, unfinished portrait of the legendary Catherine Algernon. When a lie costs him the woman he loves, he finds himself in the midst of the siege upon Strivling Castle, face-to-face with its defender who is the very image of the love he lost. Given an opportunity to redeem himself, he soon discovers the fiercely rebellious Lady Catherine is not who she appears to be. Should he return to his own time? Or risk the life he knew for another chance at love?


I adore Tamara Leigh and her stories, but I was worried I wouldn’t like this story, since it’s not her typical medieval romance. And I was happily proven wrong. The hero, Collier, definitely has a dark side, but throughout the story we see his tender, noble side developed as he risks everything for Catherine. Catherine begins the story as a hard woman who would give up others’ lives for a lost cause, but Collier’s gentleness and compassion softens her.

The tension between these two characters is so beautiful. As mentioned in the summary above, Collier is originally drawn to her because Catherine looks like the woman he previously loved. While this initially works well, because he cares for her despite her hatred of him, this eventually begins to tear them apart as Catherine wonders whether it’s herself Collier loves or this woman from another time.

The only issue I had while reading was the head hopping. From time to time, the point of view was switched without warning or scene break. Sometimes, it was easy to catch what had happened, but other times it could be a tad confusing. But overall, I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to journey back in time to find a story of love lost and then found.


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A quote from the book reads, “‘I feel so much for you,’ she said, ‘that the thought of losing you is unbearable. This is love, aye?’”

Urban Dictionary (I don’t recommend surfing this website for definitions) defines love as: “Nature’s way of tricking people into reproducing.”

Is that love? Do you agree with either of those? What’s your personal definition of love?


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