Book Review: The Last Broken Promise by Grace Walton

Genre: Pirate Romance

You’ll like this if you like: Inner Turmoil, Conflict between Hero and Heroine, Feisty Heroines, Darkly Handsome Heroes, or a Lovely Romance.

Cleanliness: They kiss (surprise, surprise). There’s a point in the end of the story, where the men believe the heroine, Jessamine, is a harlot, so they try to force her into the gardens to have a “toss” with her. Naturally, the hero arrives just in time.

Hero Type: Bad Boy


Jessamine has decided that God wants her to be a nun… until she’s sent on a mission and meets the dastardly Finn McLeod, a rakish pirate. During a night in the town jail, the two form a bond when Finn protects her from a sleazy man who shares their cell. The next morning, Finn refuses to let Jessamine board his ship, so she can sail to London and complete her mission. She combats this by binding herself and Finn together in an engagement, which isn’t too difficult given that they both spent a night in the same cell. And so, an enraged pirate and a feisty nun set sail towards London.


All of Grace Walton’s romances are clean, fun, and passionate (and they’re always on Kindle Unlimited!). I did enjoy reading this. Finn was very possessive and protective. His default seemed to be to protect Jessamine, even when he was angry with her. It might be a bit cliché and unrealistic, given that he was protective from the very beginning, but it was so sweet. The author doesn’t have any trouble sustaining the tension between the characters, whether the conflict originates from themselves, a hurricane, or Jessamine’s overly protective brothers. Honestly, the biggest issue I had with this story was how the characters changed abruptly and seemingly without any reason. The abrupt changes did make things interesting at times, but I found it too unrealistic. Despite this, I enjoyed the story. The aunt was particularly amusing, and I loved seeing Jessamine and Finn clash. They’re a really adorable couple.


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What’s your favorite type of hero? What’s your biggest pet peeve concerning characters? And would you be interested in reading more pirate romance reviews on my blog?

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