Book Review: The Negotiator (O’Malley Book 1) by Dee Henderson

Genre: Romantic Suspense

You’ll like this if you like: A Stubborn Heroine Requiring the Protection of a Hero, Mystery Involving Murder and the Heroine’s Past, or Cute FBI Agents.

Cleanliness: She spends the night at his house for security purposes. Once, he holds her on the sofa as she’s crying. They do eventually kiss, but it’s in the epilogue.

Hero Type: Protector

Favorite Profound Quote:

“She was beginning to understand the distinction between ‘follow me’ and ‘follow these rules.’”

[And this quote is referring to faith in God. I liked this, because I know I need to hear it sometimes ;)]


Favorite Descriptive Quote:

“His rich laughter rolled around the quiet apartment.”



From Amazon

FBI agent Dave Richman from Danger in the Shadows is back. He’s about to meet Kate O’Malley, and his life will never be the same. She’s a hostage negotiator. He protects people. He’s about to find out that falling in love with a hostage negotiator is one thing, but keeping her safe is another!
Introducing the O’Malleys, an inspirational group of seven, all abandoned or orphaned as teens, who have made the choice to become a loyal and committed family. They have chosen their own surname, O’Malley, and have stood by each other through moments of joy and heartache. Their stories are told in CBA best-selling, inspirational romantic suspense novels that rock your heart and restore strength and hope to your spirit.


Another one of my favorite quotes is, “If your God existed, my job should not.”
[And this is the negotiator speaking here.] The author evokes some great questions about faith, which I really enjoyed.
The romance moves pretty steadily, though it’s slow at first, since the protagonist isn’t a Christian while the love interest is.
And speaking of the characters, the author did a great job fleshing them out, particularly their jobs. You can tell that she’s really done her research to add dimension and reality to the story.
And of course, the hero was pretty cool. I mean, he’s handsome, got bright blue eyes, a British accent, pretty ripped from his FBI training, and owns a plane. And a motorcycle. And he’s a really devoted Christian. Do you guys ever wish handsome, single, Christian heroes from novels would pop out and live somewhere nearby? Or am I the only one? 😉

It was nice to get a bit out of my genre, since I don’t typically read contemporary. Though it was probably good for me to broaden my horizons just a teensy weensy bit, I could tell that this book didn’t have the same hold on me as those in my typical genres do. It might just have been a psychological thing, so given the plot, character, and questions of faith, you might very well adore it with all your heart and soul.


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What are your biggest questions about faith?

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