Book Review: The Raven Saint by Mary Lu Tyndall

Genre: Clean Pirate Romance

You’ll like this is you like: Pirates, Sweet Romance, Inspiring Character Arcs, Unexpected Plot Development, and Roguish Heroes.

Cleanliness: There’s a few kisses.

Hero Type: Bad Boy


Grace is the very pious daughter of an admiral in the British navy. Though she’s a bit self-righteous, she honestly tries to do the right thing by helping those who are less fortunate. During one of her quests to give to the needy, she’s captured by Captain Rafe, who hates nothing more than religious snobbery. He intends to sell her to one of her father’s enemies, so he can pay for a hospital in his hometown. Of course, there’s the possibility that she might steal his heart before he can foist her onto another man.


This is another one of Mary Lu Tyndall’s best novels. This one was really sweet and so much fun to read. I read it over Thanksgiving, so I wouldn’t have to put it down 😉 And I love both Grace’s and Rafe’s inner journey. Altogether, if you’re looking for a pirate romance, this is your ticket.


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In The Raven Saint, both characters have an inner journey. In romances, do you think both characters should have an inner journey, or should the author just focus on one character? And are you interested in seeing more book reviews on clean pirate romances?

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