My Sweet Dreams (Senior Poem)

I graduated this year from high school, so in honor of that and my dreams for the future, I wrote this poem, sweetened with a few candy puns:

Ever since I was 5, I was quite the bookish NERD,

fostering an intense passion for the art of the written word.

Now I’m not only a reader; I’m a writer too,

but since you’re reading this, I suspect you already knew.

My life is MOUNDS of fun, I really can’t complain,

though my dreams are so big I fear I’m insane.

Yes, I hope my GOOD writing will raise the BAR,

but more than that, I’d like to be a best-seller, a STAR,

shining God’s light to those both near and far.

But regardless of what happens, I’ll follow God’s plan

(especially if it included over a HUNDRED GRAND 😉 ).

I’ve loved my past life to PIECES, but I’m KISSING it goodbye,

for up ’til now I’ve fluttered,

but God intends for my to fly.

Candy Poem

What are your dreams for the future?

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