Question: Famous Quotes

If you could be known throughout history for one of your quotes, what would it be? What quote would you absolutely not want it to be?

One of mine might be: “Be vulnerable by choice, not by circumstance.” Or maybe: “People give you advice based on past events. God gives you advice based on future ones.” Or: “God doesn’t need talent; He needs availability.”

A quote I wouldn’t ever want to be famous: “I deserve the blond arm hair.”

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  • Brenna
    January 26, 2017 - 12:18 pm · Reply

    Although I’ve never said it aloud, I’ve thought it many times and written it down-
    “‘Everyone else is doing it’ is not a valid excuse for doing anything. What if ‘everyone else’ is doing ‘it’ because they think ‘everyone else is doing it’? Or what if everyone else is just wrong? Besides, it’s never true. It’s never true that all 6 billion-some people in the world are doing *anything*, even breathing. Some of them are holding their breath right now. But even if all 6 billion-some were doing it, if ‘it’ was something wrong, ‘everyone else is doing it’ would still be no reason to join them.”

    Can you tell I’m bothered by mindless conformity?

    As for what I would not want to be famous for- if I’m trying to avoid that I really shouldn’t put it on the internet- but here goes:

    “He gets potato chips? Whatever.”

    Said to my mother, about my older brother, when I was about seven years old and had decided to give up potato chips. I still haven’t been able to live it down. XD

    • Elizabeth Newsom
      January 28, 2017 - 1:19 pm · Reply

      That’s a good quote.
      And yes! I can 😉

      Ha! I get bugged about my strange quotes too… But they make for good memories.

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