The Courage to Be Vulnerable

I’ve been listening to a smattering of Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, and Twenty One Pilots lately, since my brother loves all of them, and I’m beginning to recognize what draws people to their songs. Take Eraser by Ed Sheeran:

“I forget when I get awards now, the wave I had to ride
The paving stones I played upon, that kept me on the grind
So blame it on the pain that blessed me with the life
Friends and family filled with envy when they should be filled with pride…

I think life has got to the point, I know without it’s no fun
I need to get in the right mind, and clear myself up
Instead, I look in the mirror questioning what I’ve become
I guess it’s a stereotypical day for someone like me
Without a nine-to-five job or an uni degree
To be caught up in the trappings of the industry”


I’m just like, “Wow. This is so real.”

And being real, being vulnerable, is really the only thing people care about.

Now that I realize the power of sincerity, one of my top five values, I aim to stuff as much of it into my speech as possible. There’s one point in my speech where I talk about a guy who didn’t reply when I texted him, and I continue by saying that when people don’t reply, it bothers me. Especially when it’s a guy.

For some reason, that was true even when I wasn’t interested in a guy. After writing my speech, I spent quite a bit of time reading that sentence. Was it too vulnerable? Would people think I was boy-crazy?

I decided to keep it. Why? Because it’s real, and maybe—just maybe—my vulnerability would inspire others to do the same.

After the relationship I was in, I’ve learned a lot on practicing vulnerability with others. When a friend says something hurtful, I talk to them about it. When there’s a miscommunication, I say something. I write about vulnerability a lot, because it still scares me.

And especially as I edit my book, my mind is running through all the friends who could reject it. Even if they don’t reject me, my story is a part of me and my beliefs. Is rejection from my friends worth it? To me, yes. I have a responsibility to write this story with vulnerability and even some darkness, because without darkness, there’s no need for redemption. That’s how my story is going to touch people.

Though I’ve grown increasingly vulnerable as I’ve matured, it has never stopped being scary, and I’m not sure it ever will be. But that’s okay.

“Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do.

There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”

-Eddie Rickebacker


When have you had the courage to be vulnerable? And what thought-provoking topics would you like to hear about?

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