The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 181 IV

She unfolded the paper, resenting how her hands trembled. Finally, she set it on the bed so she could read it.

Dearest Carissa,

There’s a water mill at the edge of the town. Should you wish to meet me, I’ll remain there until dawn.

Ever Yours,


She forced her lungs to expand, reminding herself to breathe. Elon. Finally. She was going to see Elon again.

She clutched the note and flower to her chest and stumbled back down the stairs, the pain a distant echo of what it once was. She wove through the alleys, her feet pounding beneath her. Each step jarred her entire body, making pain flare in her feet and shoot up her shins until she feared they would splinter.

She reached the edge of town, dashed through the damp grass, and halted at the stone water mill. A creek rushed by, making the water wheel spin languidly. She stood there in the dark, the town glowing behind her, music faint in the distance.

A gentle breeze stirred the grass as her ears strained for noise and her eyes searched for movement. Where was he?


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