The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 195

Two Days Later

Carissa twisted the ring around her finger, her heart beating harder and faster as they approached their destination. Elon had been silent for the past two days of travel. She hoped this was the right decision.

The path they were traveling now was well-worn, and each footstep stirred a tiny billow of dirt.

The man, Fidalon, dropped back beside her. “We’re almost there. You’ve done a good job of traveling, lass.”

“My husband and I traveled much when we were married.”

When they were married. The words made her heart cramp, and she fixed her gaze on the ground. Some wounds were still too tender and raw, and she feared if she talked too much about Elon, she’d start crying again. She’d done enough of that within the past few days to water a garden.

Fidalon seemed to sense her change in mood and quickened his pace again until he walked in front.

Carissa took deep breaths until the urge to cry subsided. Any day now, she would die and go to Second Life. Perhaps as soon as she defeated the Reaper King.

“Carissa!” a feminine voice shouted.

Who could possibly know her here? Everyone she’d previously known in Esmeray was dead. The thought made the beat of her heart falter, and Carissa’s gaze swung upward.

A young woman had emerged from a large white-washed cottage. She was racing down the steps, clutching fistfuls of her dress. Her loose brown hair flowed out behind her.


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