The King’s Cursed Bride: Chapter 196 IV

Mera went still, not even blinking, her glazed eyes seeming to stare past Carissa. “All of them?”

“All of them.”

Mera glanced down at her lap, then up at her. “Are you certain? Perhaps they were—”

“Elon and I burned the corpses.”

“E–Elon didn’t save them?”

Carissa shook her head.

Mera pressed a hand to her chest. “But my father. He was all I had left. I th–thought I would only be here for a little while, that he would come to find me again. That we would be a family.” She placed a hand against her stomach, and Carissa realized she was including her baby in that statement.

“I’m sorry.” The words came out cold and stale. Carissa swallowed and tried again, “I’m truly sorry. I know what it feels like to lose… to lose the light of your life, the one person who accepts and loves you no matter what.”

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