The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 197 IV

“Why do you think Elon saved me?”

It was the first Mera has spoken since the journey had begun.

Carissa walked in silence, mulling over her question. It was something she’d been puzzling over for a while. But Elon never made mistakes. “Perhaps he used his foresight and knew you’d be vital for this part of the journey, that I’d need you to kill the Reaper King.”

And yet… the explanation didn’t seem quite right. Elon’s ultimate goal in coming in Esmeray had been to help it’s people, to make them his. Killing the Reaper King was a means of helping and freeing them, but not an end in itself.

Why would Elon save someone so undeserving as Mera? Likely for the same reason he’d saved someone as undeserving as herself: because he loved her. But Elon had loved the other caravan members. So what would make him choose Mera over them? What was different?

Carissa glanced back sharply at Mera. Only two members of the caravan had survived: Mera and Brone, the only two who hadn’t commited themselves to Elon. But that didn’t make sense.

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