The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 199

One of them men swallowed, his throat bobbing. It was the man who most often let Mera ride his horse. He’d been called “Tian” earlier.

“Y–Yare wolves? You’re certain?”

A howl pierced the air. The forest muffled noise, and Carissa guessed the wolves were even closer than they’d sounded.

Carissa grabbed the reins to Ryther’s horse and urged it closer before mounting in front of Ryther. “We’re almost at the Capital. Maybe we can make it there before the Yare wolves can.” Unlikely, but hopefully it would ease their fear enough that the Yare wolves would lose their scent.

Tian mounted behind Mera, and the men urged their horses into a gallop. Ryther leaned over Carissa as his horse sped through the forest, his chest smothering her back. Every muscle within her hardened into ice. She didn’t do well with men touching her, especially men who weren’t Elon. But the situation called for it.

The other man’s horse raced ahead of them, since it was only burdened by one rider instead of two.

Carissa glanced over her shoulder. The yare wolves were slipping from the trees and congealing into a massive pack behind them. At this rate, they would soon catch up. Which mean it was time for a revision in her plan.

Before she could act, Tian slipped off his horse and rolled to the ground before standing to face the wolves.

Mera glanced over her shoulder. “Tian!” She jerked on the reins, but the horse seemed to sense the wolves behind it and instead ran faster.

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