Writing Prompt: The Protector

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Writing Prompt: Allow me to be her Protector

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  • Hannah
    March 19, 2016 - 5:08 am · Reply

    The young man, knighted only days ago, barely dared to lift his eyes to his lord. He knew someone with more experience should be given this noble task, but he would never forgive himself if he didn’t at least ask. The lord’s daughter, just reaching the age of responsibility, would be traveling to court for the first time, and she needed an escort. Not just any escort. She would need a man willing to sacrifice his life to keep her secret safe. The knight had watched her from afar ever since he came to serve her father as a page. He refused to admit any motivation for his actions beyond his duty, but deep down, he knew there was something more to it. If only the lord would give him a chance.

  • Brenna
    March 21, 2016 - 5:28 pm · Reply

    “Absolutely not,” said Lord Vamian. “Do you realize what she means to me, what it means to all of us if harm comes to her?”
    Thomas was silent, but he felt as though the lord had trod his heart underfoot.
    Noting the young knight’s crushed face, Vamian added more kindly, “I had already determined that I would make Gavin the protector, but now that you have asked me, I will allow you to accompany her as well- but you must claim to be Gavin’s squire. It would be too conspicuous to have two knights escorting her.”
    Thomas tried to smile, but he could hardly bear the thought of becoming an inferior of such a conceited man,though a skilled fighter, just days after his knighting.

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