Snow White holding a glowing apple
April 25, 2016

Genre and Audience: Romantic Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian for YA (Okay, so I couldn’t quite decide on the genre…) You’ll like this if you like: Diverse, Multi-Dimensional, Lovable Characters, Sweet Romance, Tension, Adventure, Speculative, Sci-Fi, Fairytales, Plot Twists, Romance with Love instead of Infatuation, Sweet, Compassionate, Slightly Crazy Heroines, Protective Heroes, and Refreshing Prose. Cleanliness: A few passionate kisses….

YA Dystopian Romance for Teens Beautiful sapphire dress in a cage
April 18, 2016

Genre: YA Dystopian Romance You’ll like this if you like: Unique Story Ideas, A Book You Can’t Put Down, Independent, Determined, yet Realistic Heroines, or a Glitzy World with Darker Secrets. Cleanliness: I don’t recall anything questionable except for where Ella and the congressman’s son, Penn, decide to swim together in their undergarments. The congressman…

Little red riding hood's cape
April 11, 2016

Genre and Audience: Dystopian Romance for Teens You’ll like this if you like: Multi-Dimensional Characters, Super Sweet and Protective Heroes, Feisty Red-Headed Heroines, Mystery, Adventure, Plot Twists, Incredibly Sweet Romance, Intricate Plots, and Saving Grandmas. Cleanliness: They sleep together on a train, but nothing really happens. They also kiss a time or two. Altogether, the…

Dystopian Romance for Teens
April 4, 2016

Genre and Audience: Dystopian Romance Novel for Teens You’ll like this if you like: Princes and Princesses, Competitions, Romance, and a Feisty Heroine. Cleanliness: There is one questionable point where Maxon and America are (OBVIOUS SPOILER ALERT) positive they’re going to get married, so they almost… Ahem, do stuff together. But they don’t. Which is…

Cyborg Leg Dystopian Romance for Teens
March 28, 2016

Genre: Dystopian Romance for Teens You’ll like this if you like: YA Novels,  Tension, Sub-plots, Depth, Subtext, Incredible World-Building, Intrigue, Three Dimensional Characters (from Cinder to Queen Levana. Every one has something they want and a reason behind it). Cleanliness: As far as the romance, there’s one kiss. It was a great kiss, though only…

Awesome self-help book for teens
February 22, 2016

Genre and Audience: Self-Help Book for Teens You’ll like this if you like: Improving Yourself, Fun, Feeling Empowered, Having Better Relationships, and High Self-Esteem.   In short, here are the habits: Be Proactive Begin With the End in Mind Put First Things First Think Win-Win Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood Synergize Sharpen…

Dystopian Books for Teens
February 8, 2016

Genre and Audience: YA Dystopian Novel for Teens You’ll like this if you like: an Original and Unique Story world, Adventure, a Thread of (Very Sweet) Romance, a Relatable Heroine, Beautiful Writing and Metaphors, and an Awesome Theme. Hero Type: Hmm, in book 2, he seems like a Beta Male   In a dystopian world,…

Jane Austen Highschool Romance for Teens
January 1, 2016

Genre and Audience: Romance for Teens in High School You’ll like this if you like: Awesome Character Arcs, Great Themes, Jane Austen, High School Drama, Romance (with all of the Tension and Sweetness), Heroic Heroes (Sorry about the redundancy 😉 ), Sympathetic, Realistic Characters, and Feeling Emotions in the Story. Cleanliness: A kiss a time or…